ATTENTION: South African Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,
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“Can You Find Your Business on Google?
Are You Missing Out on Online Sales?
Do You Think It's "Hard" to Create a Website?

All You Need is
a Single Web Page
With a Couple of Emails
And You Can Smash Your Competition!”

“Imagine for a moment that it’s 6 months from today…
Your website is bringing in 1 new lead each day
Your turnover has tripled...

And it's all thanks to your new website that you easily created and edit yourself!”

From: Norio De Sousa

In 2009, we were staying in Kempton Park and I was looking for a pet shop. So I opened up my browser and went to (Google South Africa). I searched for "pet shop kempton park" but could hardly find any. Google, the most popular search engine in South Africa, said there were only 2 pet shops in the whole of Kempton Park.

Kempton Park's a pretty big place! There are more than 2 pet shops there.

So what's happening to all those pet shops that don't show up when you search for them in Google? Simple: Less people know about them so less people buy from them.

What do you think happens to YOUR business when you're not found on Google? Same thing!

The Internet is Growing - Catch Up!

Just watch TV or listen to the radio for a few minutes. It won't be long before you hear someone advertising "broadband internet". You probably know at least one person who has ADSL.

The internet in South Africa is growing. And if you're not there, you're losing out. So it's time to get online! It's time to build your own website.

Everyone has a phone with the internet on it and emails. Imagine how good it could be for your business if you were found when someone was in your area, looking for a product or service you offer?

I do it all the time. If I'm in Cape Town visiting a friend, I'll drive around, open Google and search for what I need. From coffee shops to arts & crafts markets​.

And when I'm home, in my lounge, and I need to get quotes from plumbers before choosing one to fix my geyser, I sit in front of my TV and Google it! It's so quick and easy but if YOU'RE not there, you don't get my business.​

How Do I Get Started With a Website?

The truth is, most people just need a single page to make money from the internet.

You can tell people about your product and then give them a way to contact you to place that order. It's so simple! And it doesn't need to cost a lot either!

And that's why I've started offering these websites. For a small yearly fee, you get a single web page that you can edit yourself, to your heart's content and you also get unlimited email forwarders and a professional domain!

That means that people can email you at [email protected] and you'll get the email in your usual email inbox. You can have unlimited emails like that, so you can look as big or small as you like.

Having a website and emails makes it easier to compete with the bigger boys because you look professional.​

Why Does It Cost So Little?

It costs so little because you create your own website, quicky & easily, saving thousands of Rands on designers and programmer.

Also... I've automated nearly everything in my business! I also host overseas which is still very fast but a LOT cheaper than hosting in South Africa.

It's a real bargain and it's just because I'm a programmer and I've built systems to do all my hard work for me. That also means that your website will be reliable because systems don't strike, get sick or go on leave! Even more savings for you!

"Beat Your Competition!"

Ready to buy?

CONGRATULATIONS, You've made a wise decision!

Click the button below to see our pricing options and to get instant access to your website so you can start right away!

Can I Trust You?

Yes you can! But I'll let my clients speak on my behalf :)

Nadine Featherstone

... I would like to commend you on the fantastic product you are marketing. I followed your instruction video and have put together an awesome webpage, thanks to you !!!! I will most definitely refer you to everyone i come across needing a webpage. Thank you once again for a brilliant service that you are offering. ...

Ellen Lagus

... I just wanted to let you know that I am completely surprised what a difference my new webpage makes. It seems that people, who have not ordered before because they did not trust the system, have now a more personal relationship with me and feel safer to place orders because they don't speak to a shop but to a real person. I have already received a few orders daily! ...

Charl Marais

... Just a short note to thank you for the excellent service you are giving me with your product. The system gives me the opportunity to update info and data as well as Patient questionnaires as needed without having to depend on somebody else. This is service with a smile

His ability (Norio) to freely and humbly but skillfully assist the technically challenged with website and internet marketing issues is amazing.

Verity Meier
Takis Dimopoulos

Many thanks to Norio and his team for allowing me to use his easy to use website builder. I signed up for the 1 page site but shortly after wanted the full package so took the additional 5 pages. With a few glitches and snags as i am no web designer. The support team had me up and running in no time. Now my site is almost 100%. I know i will always be changing and updating it so with maxiware. . . . I can when ever i wish. Thanks a million team. We are really happy:-)

Ben Schoeman

I would really like to comment on your assistance and support on your website. Cannot remember where I saw something like that. As the sayings goes, “It’s nice doing business with you.

Jaco v Vuuren

I just want to thank you for making such a wonderful users friendly site available to users. It is fantastic to be able to maintain your own site as and when you feel like it, and without any additional cost. Since we joined Just1, and went live on the internet, we had so many orders. Our next litters are already booked in advance. It is so easy to link up with other web sites, and be linked on their websites. The exposure we got was unexpected. I can really recommend private users and big companies to make use of Just1. Thanks so much to be part of you, and your support when needed was always available. We are very pleased with your support department as they solved several problems for us in record time.

Kerry Chelin

yes we are very happy. 1) easy to use 2) i can manage my own website and change things as i please. 3) you get allot of hits on this site. thanks you so much just1 i have been looking for something like this for ages!!!!

Gerrit Geyser

Very easy to set up a lead generating website at a very affordable price.

Helgard Hancke

I’m learning a lot. Thanks for your help. My nephew always made a bog deal of the website, but I now see its actually easy once you get to know how.

Will I Be Able To Do It?

Yes! If you can send an email then you can edit your website. You just click and type.

Watch this 2-minute video to see how quick & easy it is.

Don't worry, the help videos are much slower and have my voice guiding you every step of the way! :)

"Beat Your Competition!"

Ready to buy?

CONGRATULATIONS, You've made a wise decision!

Click the button below to see our pricing options and to get instant access to your website so you can start right away!

Who Owns My Domain?

We register your domain in YOUR name. You can move it from us at any time without any penalties. We won't hold it for any reason. Your domain is YOUR domain!

How Often Can I Edit My Site?

As often as you like!

No more emails to designers and programmers who will charge you every time and take forever to make the slightest change.

You just start editing, click 'Save' and you're done!

Keep your specials updated as often as you like, post a new article every week, change your physical address and telephone numbers when you move - it's instant!

How will My Emails Work?

ALL emails to ANY address at your domain will work.

Within 2-4 hours of signing up, you can start receiving emails using these addresses: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

Add your new emails to Outlook and they "just work". If you don't know how, email us for help.

Will My Website Show In Google?

Yes! Google loves our websites.

What Happens After 12 Months?

Every 12 months you'll get a new invoice. If you pay it, your website will be renewed. It's that simple. No contracts!

How Soon Can I Start?

As soon as you've paid, your site will be created and you can started editing it! The domain can take up to 2-4 hours to get registered.

Will You Show Me How To Build My Website?

Yes! You'll get a quick-start video that will show you everything you need to know to create your own website! It covers everything from linking, to uploading images, to how to create a website with a photo gallery and more.

What If I Need More Later On?

No problem! If you need more later on, email us and we can discuss your needs.

Think of your new website as a stepping stone! It's there to get you started but there's plenty of room for growth later on.

What Can I Put On My New Website?

You can load:

  • Photos, logos & clip art
  • YouTube videos
  • Any type of writing
  • And WAY more!

You can do just about anything you can imagine with your new website!

How Do I Pay?

You can pay via "PayFast Instant EFT", credit card or PayPal.

All you need to do is place your order on the site now and then choose your method of payment.

If you have a credit card, you can choose PayFast or PayPal.

If you don't have a credit card, you can choose PayFast and pay from your FNB, ABSA, Nedbank or Standard Bank account. (Other banks not yet supported.)

As soon as you've paid, your website will be created and you'll be sent an email with the next steps to edit your website.

Are There Any Guarantees?

If you're not happy with your site, for any reason at all, just cancel for a full money-back guarantee! And you get to keep your domain! There's practically no risk for you!

YES! You've got SIX MONTHS to try this out.

Create Your Own Website Today!

Sign up today and you’ll and you’ll get:

  • A professional domain. (Eg: or
  • A single web page you can easily edit yourself. Upload your logo, a short description of yourself, your physical address & your contact numbers and you'll already be ahead of 90% of all your competitors! It's so easy, anyone can do it!
  • As many email forwarders as you like. You can tell people to email you on [email protected] and it will be forwarded to your existing email account! Nothing to setup! Any email sent to any address at your new domain will be forwarded to the email address you signed up with.
  • 12 months of free hosting. You can edit your page as much as you like, receive as many emails as you like and upload as many images as you like, and you won't pay extra.
  • No contracts! No debit orders! Once your 12 months is up, you'll get a renewal invoice. If you don't want to continue, just reply to cancel - no quibble.

New! Order Today and Get UNLIMITED Pages for Just R500 Extra
(Valued at R3,970!)

Sometimes 1 page just isn't enough. Maybe you need an extra page for your Google AdWords advertising campaign? Or perhaps you want a separate page for testimonials, or maybe you want to upload a product gallery but you don't want it on your front page.

Whatever the reason, for just a little bit more, you can have unlimited pages! Order Now!


All you need to get started

  • Professional ( domain
  • Edit your website yourself
  • Unlimited email forwarders
  • No contracts or debit orders

R470 / year

Just1 PRO!

For the serious business owner

  • Professional ( domain
  • Edit your website yourself
  • Unlimited email forwarders
  • No contracts or debit orders
  • Unlimited Pages (Valued at R3,970!)

R970 / year

PS: Remember: You can create your own website and have unlimited email forwarders, unlimited edits, your own domain and 12 months of hosting for just R470/year! Sign up now.


You've got SIX MONTHS to try this out.

If you're not happy with your site, for any reason at all, just cancel for a full money-back guarantee! And you get to keep your domain!

There's no risk to you!

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